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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Server and Networking

Networked Systems
Because networked computers communicate continually, they are prone to outages and the list of what can go wrong is endless. Virtually anyone can set up a network, but only a qualified, experienced specialist can make it secure; ensuring there are no loose ends. This is why professional help is invaluable in reducing outages and bringing your system up quickly if anything goes wrong. Whether it is peer-to-peer or client-server (domain) networks, our Certified Systems Engineers have the experience necessary to handle your networking needs.

  • Network system design, installation, management and support
  • Server and workstation setup, installation and maintenance
  • Secure network solutions, integration and industry best practices.
  • Wireless network and iPad or Tab implementations
  • Hubs & Switches
  • Network cabling , Wall jacks and Patch paneling
  • Router configuration
  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
  • Network performance and security analysis
  • Emergency support & weekend services

Remote Networks
One of the amazing possibilities of modern technology is that it now offers the ability to connect to your network from virtually anywhere. Now you can implement systems that allow employees to work securely from home or the field. We provide remote networking solutions that are secure, affordable and easy to understand. From PcAnywhere to VPN, Remote Desktop, Terminal Services, GotoMyPc, Teamviewer, Logmein, Eblvd, and VNC, we understand the depth of remote networks. Do you want to work from home as if you were in the office or allow some employees to “take their office with them,” home or in the field? You have met the right partner in us.

Computers everywhere are becoming increasingly inter-connected and public. Often, it is difficult to choose the best provider, hardware and software that go with broadband connections. Even when the choice is made, business quickly run into technical problems which the provider does not provide support for. We connect new networks securely and affordably, but we also provide support for already-connected networks to make them even more secure, better managed and reliable.

We set up Internet access for offices: be it MPLS cable, DSL, VSAT, T1, and the like. Our expertise includes various brands of broadband modems and routers, managed switches, firewall devices, wireless Access Points and building-to-building bridges, among others.

Technical Support
If we can set it up, we sure can support it. You can buy hours of technical support for your system, so that when your system goes down, you can be sure it will be up and running when you call us. We provide support for network and desktop equipment.