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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Systems Analysis

Needs Assessment
We will come in, sit down with you to discuss where you are, where your competition is and where you could be. We are committed to understand your needs and concerns, and that any solution we propose will directly address them while staying within your requirements.

Requirements Gathering/Management
It is a fact that over 65% off all projects fail and that the biggest contributing factor is the lack of documented requirements (i.e. poorly written, out of date or non existent!). Without documented requirements, it is impossible to measure the success of a project or even if it does what it's supposed to! We can to provide written requirements that you can use when contracting for services. We can also manage those requirements, tracking and communicating changes that keep all concerned parties “on the same page”.

Database Design
Information is becoming your biggest commodity. As the complexity of your organization grows, so does your need to manage that information. Relational databases are affordable and available on the desktop. The database is the foundation for all your record keeping and reporting. Your sales can be tied to inventory, triggers can automate purchasing, profile information can be kept for your clients and all this information can be available to you instantly. We can assess your data, designing a structure that will help you maximize your operations.

Software/Hardware Assessment
Uncertain what software you need? Uncertain what hardware you need to support it?

We can conduct an Assessment to determine:

•  Current software/hardware performance

•  Competing software/hardware analysis based on your needs

•  Impact assessment for considered changes

Site and Environmental Factors Assessment
Are you are installing new equipment, relocating, considering installing Ethernet cable or setting up a wireless network? We can perform a site and environmental technology assessment for the target site.