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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Windows 7: Migrating to 64-Bit

There are some special considerations when migrating from 32-bit to 64-bit, as well as some tools and techniques that can help.

William R. Stanek

Remember the Chris Isaak song, “Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing”? When it comes to deploying Windows 7, tunnel vision is a bad, bad thing. Even the best OSes need to be properly installed, configured and operated to run as expected.


Microsoft Office 365: Stepping Stone to the Cloud

While moving to the cloud may be inevitable, Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Online can facilitate the period of coexistence that will be part of most migration paths.

Alan Maddison

It seems that everyone is thinking about the cloud. Many organizations have already started moving to the cloud and have found tremendous benefits and positive impact on IT operations and the business as a whole. Some of these benefits include improved agility and responsiveness to the business units. This helps improve IT value and increase innovation, and helps position the business for long-term success.


Inside Windows 8: What You Need To Know

At its BUILD conference in September, Microsoft released the Developer Preview version of the "Windows 8" client OS. While a lot was said at BUILD, the information often came piecemeal. Here, we're pulling together the major nuggets about Windows 8 that we've mined along the way.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer early on said that Windows 8 will be Microsoft's "biggest bet," and Microsoft showed some of its cards at BUILD. The architecture of Windows 8 offers greater options for developers to create applications that may be more easily ported across hardware platforms, especially with the shift toward HTML5-coded apps. That approach may help shore up Microsoft's eroding Windows PC market, which is being hit by an increasing global preference for mobile devices with greater computing power.