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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Why Choose Us?

Why choose us?What do we offer that you will find difficult to get? Simply put, 'big company' solutions to smaller businesses at an affordable price.

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How It Work?To prove the value of our service to you, we will provide a free systems analysis to your business, if you ask us to.

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Give your business an edge. Accomplish more with less to surpass your competition. Technology should not make your operations more complicated. Our priority is to provide solutions that work with you to increase your efficiency and profitability. To us, technology should really solve problems and make business life easy.


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Computicate takes a deep, intelligent look at your business, and provides just the technology you need. After all, where is the profit when you buy things you don't need.

We will come in, sit down with you to discuss where you are, where your competition is and where you could be. We are committed to understand your needs and concerns, and that any solution we propose will directly address them while staying within your requirements.

It is a fact that over 65% off all projects fail and that the biggest contributing factor is the lack of documented requirements (i.e. poorly written, out of date or non existent!). Without documented requirements, it is impossible to measure the success of a project or even if it does what it's supposed to! We can to provide written requirements that you can use when contracting for services. We can also manage those requirements, tracking and communicating changes that keep all concerned parties “on the same page”.